Frequently Asked Questions

What is colocation?

Colocation is the outsourcing of an internal IT infrastructure to an external data center. The advantages for companies that host their infrastructure as a colocation at Neterra data centers are saving space, resources, and investments, 24/7 access control and network connectivity including physical and data-controlled protection of the IT hardware. Thanks to our colocation and managed services, companies can focus on their core business without having to maintain their own data center. 

Why you should choose colocation?

One of the main reasons why more and more companies are opting for colocation services is the large amount of investment that is required to build and operate a data centre of your own. Due to the continuous development of our professional colocation services, the advantages outweigh the potential disadvantages of outsourcing the data centre in almost every scenario. Thanks to redundancy and optional backup locations your critical data is optimally protected and always accessible. 

Which colocation services does Neterra provide?

  • Colocation of rack/footprint, Dedicated compartment of a rack (½ rack, ¼ rack), Colocation of server (rack unit), Colo cage, Colocation for crypto miners (Basic colo), etc. 
  • Hands on site 
  • 24*7 Network Operations Center (NOC) - a centralized location where computer, telecommunications and satellite networks systems are monitored and managed  
  • In-house cabling/cross connect, etc. 
  • Data center transfer – Neterra will move colocation customers from other data centers to one of the Neterra`s data centers
  • Rack-and-stack installation service 
  • Dedicated room for colocation and tailor-made solutions 

Where are Neterra`s Data Center located?

Sofia Data Center (SDC) is the brand under which Neterra offers colocation services in 4 owned data centers all located in Bulgaria - SDC 1 (Sofia), SDC 2(Sofia), SDC Stolnik (20 min driving distance from Sofia airport) and SDC Ruse (at the Romanian-Bulgarian border).  

Which rack sizes does Neterra provide?

  • SDC 1 - Standard Rack Size – 19", 600mm x 1000mm x 2105 mm (WxDxH), 45RU. 
  • SDC 2 - Standard Rack Size 19", 600mm x 1000mm x 2105 mm (WxDxH), 47-52RU. 
  • SDC Stolnik - Standard Rack Size 19", 600mm x 1000mm x 2105 mm (WxDxH), 47RU. 
  • SDC Ruse - Standard Rack Size 19", 600mm x 1000mm x 2105 mm (WxDxH), 42RU. 


  • ¼ rack provide dedicated compartment of a rack with 10RU. Standard Size – 19", 600mm x 1000mm x 2105 mm (WxDxH).  
  • ½ rack provide dedicated compartment of a rack with 21RU. Standard Size – 19", 600mm x 1000mm x 2105 mm (WxDxH).  
  • Different rack sizes and heights are available on request. 

What is included in a standard rack?

Standard rack comes with:  

  • two power supply lines (A+B)  
  • two PDUs with contact sockets type IEC 320 C13 and C19   
  • power supply 400V/230V AC or -48.0V DC; 
  • two autonomous individual connections to MMRs.  

Customers have to bring everything needed in the rack. 

Can Neterra install my hardware?

Yes, Neterra can offer both Rack-and-stack installation service (initial installation) and Hands on site works (24x7 professional support) including restarting the equipment, checking the physical connection between two devices, plug in/out cable to a corresponding port on the customer's equipment, labeling the customer's equipment or cabling, switching on/off power cable to customer's equipment, examination and reporting status of customer's equipment/light indicator, replacement of defective unit or mounting of a new on client`s equipment in the colocation rack.  

Hands on site fee is charged on 30-minute periods. If you go over 30 minutes, we will charge you an additional remote hands fee. For example, if it takes us 40 minutes to do the work, we will charge you for two 30-minute periods. 

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