Sofia Data Center (SDC)

Sofia Data Center (SDC) is the brand under which the global telecom operator Neterra provides services in its 4 data centers SDC 1, SDC 2, SDC Stolnik and SDC Ruse.

They are ISO and PCI DSS certified contributing to its customers with a strategic location in Southeastern Europe, security, quality, competitive pricing, low latency and 24*7 professional technical support.

Sofia Data Center (SDC)
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Complete solutions for your business

You can add to your data center services high quality and fast internet, cloud platform and other IT and telecom services.

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How do we contribute to your business?

How do we contribute to your business?

  • Energy efficient systems and lower electricity costs

  • Professional 24*7 support from experienced specialists

  • 24*7 security and access control

  • Strategic geographical location between Europe and the Middle East

  • Access to the already established business and telecommunications infrastructure - connectivity to all existing Neterra customers and access to high-speed, secure and reserved international networks and routes

  • Premium reliable, uninterrupted and reserved service

  • Connectivity with Sofia teleport and Thrakia teleport - facilities for satellite communications, colocation/hosting of satellites, transceiver stations, communication and IT equipment

  • Possibility to rent equipment and servers and their remote support by a professional team 24*7

  • Lower operatiоnal and electricity costs

Solutions for your business needs

As an SDC customer, you get a 12,000 m2 area, 5,600 m2 colocation space, 3MW power, low PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness), Service Level Agreement, BMS DC monitoring system, Eco-Friendly AC System, 24*7 support.

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