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Sofia Data Center: SDC, is the brand under which the global telecom Neterra offers services in its 4 data centers SDC 1, SDC 2, SDC Stolnik and SDC Ruse. Neterra is a global connectivity provider.

It has been operating by the highest industry standards in a competitive international environment for over 25 years. Thanks to this, as a client of SDC you can entrust the physical care 

of your servers and equipment in the right place and in the hands of specialists taking advantage of a full range of telecom services, quality and uninterrupted internet, international connectivity, direct connection to TIER I and hundreds of other service providers.

With Neterra and SDC, you rely on 99.99% service availability (SLA), round-the-clock monitoring (NOC) and proactive support.

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Neterra owns four carrier-neutral data centers

  • Sofia Data Center 1 - SDC 1
  • Sofia Data Center 2 - SDC 2
  • Data Center and Data Center Stolnik Park - SDC Stolnik
  • Data center Ruse - SDC Ruse
First-class colocation and connectivity for your business

First-class colocation and connectivity for your business

In 2021, Neterra expands the capacity of its data centers to guarantee you first-class colocation, reliable and secure connectivity, lower cooling costs, the ability to rent equipment and servers, support by a professional team 24/7.

  • SDC 1 is located in Europe – Sofia, Bulgaria. It is built in accordance with the requirements of TIER III. The building is specially designed for a data center and meets the highest international standards.

  • SDC Stolnik, located 25 km from Sofia Airport, has also increased its capacity many times with the equipment of new halls.

  • Another preferred place for uninterrupted IT services is SDC Ruse. It is in Ruse, Bulgaria, on 70 km from Bucharest. SDC Ruse is the landing point of BFOR (Bulgarian Fiber Optics Route) - the shortest route between Romania and Turkey.

  • In Q1 2022 Neterra will have a new data center in Sofia - SDC 2. It is located next to SDC 1, and its customers will use all the benefits of the already established business and telecommunications infrastructure - connectivity with all existing customers of Neterra and access to high-speed, secure and redundant international networks and routes. 

    Order your space in SDC 2 now!

  • Through these data centers and the already established global network in over 35 countries, Neterra provides a wide portfolio of services: international connectivity and connection with some of the largest operators and content creators in the world.

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Rental of servers

Rental of servers

SDC is a place that businesses also trust to rent high-performance physical or cloud servers, to protect their data and networks against DDoS attacks, and to receive high-level backup services (BaaS). Thus, companies avoid investing in expensive equipment, specialists, and software, while relying on impeccable technical and IT support. Clients can use their own software on the servers in the SDC.
Many companies trust Neterra also to build their private networks, for global dedicated internet, protection against DDoS attacks.

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