Professional IT Services


We offer IT professional assistance on a fee-for-service or on a subscription basis at any time.

The services are designed for corporate customers who want to focus on their core business and leave the technical IT support to highly qualified team of professionals.

The service is targeted to all Bulgarian clients and international partners who have already colocated their equipment in our data centers.





  • Better focus on the core business by leaving the technical IT support in our hands;
  • Reducing the costs for technical support of systems and services;
  • No need to spend additional time and resources to recruit and hire technical staff;
  • Professional consulting for designing the most appropriate and effective solution; 
  • Development and implementation of flexible solutions;
  • 24x7x365 monitoring of customers' systems and services, which enables on-time diagnosis of possible problems and troubleshooting leading to minimized or totally eliminated downtime;
  • 24x7x365 access to information about the current status, details and parameters of each service and/ or system.


  • Installation, configuration and system administration of various servers - Web, Database, File, Mail, DNS, Backup, etc.;
  • 24x7x365 monitoring customers' systems and services;
  • Hardware support and maintenance;
  • Options to hire highly qualified IT specialist on a fee-for-service or on a subscription basis;
  • Supply and installation of equipment or spare parts.